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Manage Your Novels Right From The Start

Do you have an idea for a book? A stack of photos a foot deep? Or maybe even a full blown fantasy world? Start off with the right platform to manage your career as a writer and author. Or if you already have published works, we can help you transfer everything you need to manage your books and connect to your audience on an affordable, integrated platform (and if something breaks down, we’re here to help!).

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Connect With Your Audience

Effectively communicating with your readership is critical in success in the publishing world! Manage your social media, your newsletter, directly from your website. Have a blog associated with your works? Post in one source and have it published to multiple sources!

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Easily Manage Your Sales & Promotion

Once you’ve started selling, you’ll want to keep track of your sales. Anything you do outside of a self publishing platform like Amazon KDP will have to be managed by yourself. We can help you manage that as your sales skyrocket! Make sure you collect your readers' information and payments, make sure it's all recorded properly so you don't tear your hair out during tax season, and make sure that you propel your audience into pure fanatics!